Hello there. I'm Peter.

Public Speaking & Pitch Coach. Global Conference Host & MC. Presenter.


Born in Watford (UK), Peter is a communications and presence coach, public speaking & pitch trainer, conference host running Hopwood Communications. Essentially, his strength lies in helping companies, professionals, startups and high performers to confidently communicate with impact.


A passionate communicator, listener and motivator, Peter just loves to share ideas and holds a strong appreciation for collaboration and development. A quick thinker with an acute attention to detail – and loves to be kept on his toes.


With a background career across the hospitality, travel, and training industries feeling lucky enough to have moved through 7 European countries, he now combines all of his accumulated communication experience, balancing his work across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and everywhere in between.


Words have always played an important part in his career and as a copywriter and shameless wordplay addict Peter simply gets a kick out of being creative with words. Always ready to pull some compelling copy out of the bag – enjoying the challenges along the way. 

Holding a passionate flair and talent for public speaking and a life-long love of storytelling, Peter helps clients hit the spot in their presentation, writing and customer focus skills becoming all-round better communicators. Equally, he lends his charming talents as a British English voiceover artist becoming the voice of brands, companies and startups.


When Peter’s on stage presenting at conferences and events, he’s got that unique knack of keeping an audience entertained and informed – a role he enjoys immensely. His hosting skills are in high demand from Dubai to Amsterdam, Berlin to Shanghai – helping make conferences look, sound and feel great.


When he’s not writing, training or presenting, you might find Peter winding down in front of the big screen or perhaps following (the misfortunes of) Watford football Club.


Admittedly as something that cannot be denied, Peter was once stuck in a lift with Jean-Claude Van Damme & Usian Bolt. No, not at the same time. Yes – the fasted man on earth and the kick-boxing movie star in the 90s. The story? Don’t ask.


Peter likes adventure. To prove it, he’s lived and worked in London, Dumfries, Paris, Marseille, Malta, Granada, Mallorca, Madeira, Budapest, Rovinj and Varaždin.

During his career, Peter has delivered a lot of presentations. Small crowds, large meetings and International conferences. In total, the number is currently 1074.

Peter attended West Herts School of Art. studied with the Institute of Leadership and Management, The London Academy of Media, Film & TV, is a qualified business English trainer and a certified Cambridge ESOL Oral Examiner.

Pop into any Croatian bookshop and you might come across Peter’s book on the shelves. Peter wrote a handbook packed with exercises and advice to help EFL students pass the national English exam.


Rumour has it, Peter can balance a multitude of objects on the tip of his nose. Brooms, long sticks and chairs. He is particlularly fond of balancing umbrellas.

Once upon a time, Peter spent an evening brushing shoulders with royalty. He worked as a waiter at St James’s Palace for an event with Prince Charles. Peter still tells everyone they’re best buddies.

Proudly, at the age of 15, Peter was selected to have professional football trials with Watford Football Club. He showed them what he could do. He waited for them to call. They never did.

Peter’s taste in music includes everything 80s and the French golden-oldies of Joe Dassin, Laurent Vouzly, Francis Cabrel and the sweet sounds of Isabelle Boulay.