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20 May 2015

British Voiceover for Crowdfunding Campaign: Zaza Bottles

Time for another voiceover project with an environmental touch. Meet ZAZA Planet – a fantastic new startup from Prague creating ZAZA Bottles – the first and only refillable customized bottles on the market made from a plant-based material promoting a fusion of fashion & sustainability.

I’m delighted to have worked alongside the ZAZA team providing a snappy British voiceover for their current crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign that recently launched on 20 May. They’re snazzy. They’re stylish and you can even use them over and over again, forever! ZAZA is all about sustainability – promoting tap water because it’s tasty, eco-friendly, natural, abundant and affordable. Consumers all across the world drink up to 300,000,000,000 litres of bottled water per year, which incredibly results in 647,000 tonnes of plastic waste. Not only is this greatly unsustainable, it’s also unnecessary.

Zaza bottles voiceover Peter Hopwood

There are the four basic designs you can currently choose from: Black, White, Zig Zag, and Polka Dots. They approached some of the most inspiring artists from around the world to put some of their artistic skills and love onto the ZAZA Bottles. The result is a vibrant set of fabulous Kickstarter-only ZAZA ART editions, which you can see above.

Below is the Kickstarter campaign video telling you everything you need to know about ZAZA. Proudly, this campaign video features my British voiceover which you can also find on the Kickstarter campaign running through to 18 June.

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