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conflict management training
10 May 2015

Conflict Management Training for the 5* Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Recently I was pleased to deliver another of my customer focus workshops. This time it was in the form of valuable conflict management training for the 5* Esplanade Zagreb Hotel in the centre of the city.  The session was entitled „How to deal with angry customers“.

You can run but you can’t hide. There’s no avoiding it. As we all know too well, working with the public will eventually put you face-to-face with an angry client. Effectively dealing with an upset, frustrated guest is an important skill to master. Something that most of us find a challenge. Attending conflict management training and brushing up on new skills can often have tangible results. It could often mean the fine line between holding onto a customer, successfully regaining trust or negatively tarnishing you or your company’s reputation.

Through my conflict management training, I was able to positively share my wide experience in the hospitality and tourism industry with valuable customer service insights. This workshop is all about practical ready-to-use ideas that will defuse heated situations and often boost the customer experience.

conflict management training esplanade hotel

“How to Handle Angry Customers” delves deeper into how we can reduce the heat in certain tricky situations. It takes into account worthwhile strategies and proven techniques. We look at video case studies and observe reactions, body language and discuss alternative outcomes. Attendees act out role-play situations and we also focus on specific areas relevant to the target group. Equally, attendees learn hands-on techniques and communication ideas on how to provide excellent customer service even when someone is about to blow their fuse!

conflict management training

If you’d like to find out more about this conflict management training workshop or any of the alternative customer focus training I provide, please follow the links. Don’t forget to head on over to my blog where you’ll find a selection of customer focus articles with useful tips and tricks.