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15 January 2015

How to Make a Full English Breakfast (on Live Croatian TV)

Step aside Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey – it was time for my masterclass to show the nation what a Full English Breakfast or “British Fry-Up” consists of and how to make it – all served up on live Croatian TV! (Dobro Jutro Hrvatska)

Breakfast. The Full English. The Full Monty. A fry-up. Call it anything you want, but there are few nations that do breakfast better than the British. Last year, Croatian TV, namely the Croatian breakfast TV show “Dobro Jutro, Hrvatska” on HRT, invited me to the studio for a cookery lesson. Although I’m no Michelin-star chef I agreed to reveal how to make a “Full English Breakfast” live to the nation.

Quite different from a continental breakfast, as you may know, the Brits tend to enjoy something more substantial than just a light croissant and piece of toast. I carefully explained insights while juggling ingredients, coordinating the fry-up for 10 people and hoping my burnt sausages would look better on TV!

Co-host Sanja Dolezal took care of the fried eggs and baked beans while the bacon, sausages, tomatoes, toast and not forgetting a lovely cuppa (cup of tea with milk!) was up to me! To see how it’s done and gain some insight to the full English breakfast, click on the Dobro Jutro, Hrvatska link.

If yor too think all that food on a plate is far too much, you may be surprised to hear there’s more! According to a recent report from Market Kitchen there are up to 40 interchangeable items in a British (and Irish breakfast). Interestingly, each country in the UK and Ireland also have their own version of the full breakfast, often up to the individual to how much they want on their plate and their preferences.

A Full Scottish – Potato Scones (Tattie Scones), Haggis and Oatcakes.

A Full Irish – White Pudding and Soda Bread.

A Full Welsh – Laver bread or laver cakes. These are neither bread or cakes but are made with seaweed, the cakes seaweed cooked with oatmeal.

An Ulster Fry – similar to a Full English Breakfast but may also have soda bread and is served again, throughout the day.

Which one do you fancy?