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22 March 2015

How to Find the Right Voiceover Artist to Fit Your Next Project

You’ve started planning your next project and realized you need to hire a voiceover artist. An explainer animation video. Telephone on-hold message. A radio jingle or perhaps an e-learning course. The scope of voiceover projects is extremely wide. But how do you choose the right voiceover artist to fit your next project? The voice that will miraculously bring your brand to life?

Finding the right voice artist often means more than simply a “sounds good” approach. Spending endless hours listening to good voiceover demos takes time. Selecting the right person to become the voice artist of your business or brand can be a tricky task.

A voiceover artist must sound convincing and appear knowledgeable. They need to confidently share the story you’re trying to tell. Effective voice control, articulate pronunciation and tapping into various moods to match the script are all important factors of a strong voiceover.

To help you and point you in the right direction, here are a few things to think about before you make your final golden choice:

A voiceover artist to fit your audience

Well before you’ve started listening to the first set of voice over demos, you need to establish your audience. Who exactly is the voice over artist talking to and what message are they trying to convey? What do you want the listener to take from the recording? Take some time to brainstorm a few answers. Would a masculine or female voice be more appropriate?

Think hard about the type of voice that will engage your audience even more. A sophisticated audience may prefer a touch of charm and elegance. Children on the other hand would relate to a bright and enthusiastic voice. A voice of authority or alternatively, a friendly conversational next-door neighbour voice? Know your audience as this will lead you forward.

Choose a voiceover artist with a high quality demo

Someone who is serious about a voiceover career will have a high quality demo to showcase their voice’s range and various styles. True – not all voice over talent is the result of professional training. There are many out there who have amazing natural ability and a good ear for this kind of work.

Nevertheless, it’s still important to hear exactly what an artist can deliver in the form of a strong demo or showreel. This way you know the voiceover talent takes things seriously rather than just someone with a “nice voice”. Recommendations from recording studios and producers will also help you establish whether the person is flexible, professional and takes direction well. This makes the whole process a lot easier for everyone.

The recording session location

Consider where the script recording will take place. If you’re thinking of hiring a local studio naturally, a local voiceover artist would fit the bill. Many strong artists have access to a studio or own their own home recording setup so location isn’t a barrier. The recording expertise in a studio together with an audio engineer often produces higher-quality recordings but you’ll be expected to pay slightly more.

Ensure the voiceover artist you choose is believable

As you wade through the demos, determine whether the artist is capable of sounding believable. Could this person deliver a serious topic? Could you imagine this person actually reading your script and will listeners actually feel engaged? Even though they may not be technical experts, could they actually sound like one?

Final thought

Remember, there are no strict rules to play by but the right voice can often be a significant factor in the success of your project. Consider the overall audience, the key message and the feel of the piece. All these factors will help make your concept more compelling and effective.

So, if you’re looking for a positive upbeat native British male voiceover artist, check out my demos to capture a taste of what I can do. Based in Croatia, I record at a professional studio, a fast turnaround for a reasonable price and deliver files to literally anywhere around the world.

If you like what you hear – and it fits what you’re looking for, get in touch for a quote.