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The Power of Suggestion words
05 August 2015

How to Use The Power of Suggestion

The power of suggestion is a hot skill to have! Just imagine. You need to urgently get hold of a colleague, client or partner for something that simply can’t wait yet you can’t help feeling you’re about to rudely interrupt something important. Something that shakes up their schedule. Even worse, something that turns you into an annoying distraction.

So when you ask if it’s OK to talk what phrase do you tend to use? Something along the lines of “Is this a bad time to speak?” or perhaps “I’ve probably called at the wrong time?”. You might even say “If this isn’t a good time to talk, we can speak tomorrow.”

Interestingly, notice how all three of these phrases manage to plant the suggestion that YOU ARE interrupting and in fact IT IS the wrong time for them to speak with you. Try swinging things around and using a more positive approach. It’s all about the power of suggestion.

Instead, plant the suggestion that it is the right time to have a conversation and let them feel more comfortable and receptive with the interruption.

“Is this a good time for us to talk?”

Essentially, you’re throwing out the same question, combined with the same intention. Yet this time with a focus on the positive result you wished for in the first place. Intriguingly, just the switch of a few words can end up having such a strong impact using the power of suggestion. This kind of suggestive language is far more positively focused and is also very influential. Phrases which lead the listener towards accepting your requests following your suggestion much more frequently.

Master the power of suggestion one step at a time. So, the next time you need to call someone and feel you’re about to negatively interrupt them, try using this simple but really effective shift in language helping you take one more step to becoming an even stronger influential communicator.

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