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27 October 2015

8 Ways to Recharge Your Creativity at Work

When was the last time you felt a blast of creativity at work? The last time you had one of those “light bulb” moments? During a brainstorming session, gazing into oblivion while on a lunch break or perhaps just you and your rubber ducky in the shower?

Generating ideas within our teams at work has become one of the most important elements of today’s business. Creating the right encouraging environment at work and getting those creative juices flowing is great advice to bring back some creativity at work. But where do we start? Well, one of the first things I would say is break the routine. We come to work day-in-day-out and for many of us we do the same things and sit in the same place. We often find ourselves stuck in a routine that simply evolved without us even knowing!

How about changing the office furniture around, let employees decorate their desktops, or simply let employees have a “Slipper Day”. Small changes that break up the routine. Taking this idea of adopting an even more creative environment one step further, I’ve put together a short list. Yes, a list of ways you might like to try out to recharge yourself or your team to jump into the right frame of mind and to get those “light bulbs” flashing.

Do things differently

Take a new route to work, try out a new dish every couple of days, take up a new hobby or watch a foreign movie (without subtitles).  Whatever it is, the key is to just do things differently. Hopefully, this will bring you new ideas, insights and help you see things from a new perspective to a certain problem. Just by doing things a little different can trigger some welcome creativity at work.

Get ideas from everyone

Why not stick a large piece of paper on your office door. Above, write a question or maybe issue that you need some help with. Invite everyone to come by in their own time to share their thoughts and ideas. Perhaps an “issue of the day” or “What do you think?” board.

creativity at work

Change the setting

Moving away from the usual place used for creative sessions will inject some welcomed fresh thinking. Heading to the park in the shade under an Oak tree, a trip to the zoo or spending time in a toy store just before a meeting. You may even want to hold a session in another company’s conference room? These are the kind of places that will hopefully spark some creative thoughts and in turn boost your creativity at work.

Show some comedy

Before every brainstorming session or creative meeting, put on some comedy from YouTube. A short clip from a stand-up show, a classic piece of sitcom history or just a funny interview from a chat show! A great way to kick-off a meeting bringing some creativity at work. Remember, laughter always manages to stimulate great thinking.

Keep a mix set of magazines in the office

Another way to add a touch of creativity at work is to put a set of magazines unrelated to your business in the office. Old and new copies – team members could even bring in their own copies from home. Even more fun would be to encourage your team to go through them and cut out pictures that relate to a project you’re working on and create a collage.

Don’t be afraid to use colour

Take an objective look at your office walls – does your office need some colour? Brightening up your office space is easier than it seems. Paint is generally cheap and it works wonders to change the mood of the space and in turn, your team.

Creativity at work can start with a holiday

Why not throw a party for a holiday? Nothing extravagant and it doesn’t have to be over the top. Just something that will refresh the team and equally let the team use some creativity. A winter party in the middle of summer, Mardi Gras parade through the office or a fancy dress party or you might wish to hold a party which involves each staff member coming to the party as a another member of the team! The team would probably be able to come up with some great suggestions as to the theme.

8 ways to recharge your creativity at work

Hire a photographer

One of my favourites and believe me, it really is fascinating. Bring in a photographer for the day from beginning to end. He roams around the office, snapping you, your colleagues and creates a “fly on the wall” slideshow of your office capturing everything. You could hold a team viewing (with popcorn) a few weeks later. The images could even be displayed in your reception area or where you have lunch. Creativity at work through the eye of a lens.

Do you have any ideas tried and tested as a creative juice top-up? I’d love to hear from you with more suggestions and thoughts on how to recharge your creativity at work. I hope you’ve found some of these useful and can use or adapt some of the ideas within your team.