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15 June 2015

Startup Pitch Training at the SHIFT Conference 2015

During the recent Shift Tech Conference in Split, Croatia, I delivered a straight-talking startup pitch training session for a group of budding startups and entrepreneurs to prepare them with their pitches on stage.

Taken from my pitch and presentation training series, I presented Pitch Sauce, a powerful practical session full of ready-to-use tips to increase your chances of a success. Pitch Sauce focuses on aspects you can easily fine-tune – without a fuss. It also looks at the not-so-obvious elements to to give you the edge with your startup pitch.

It includes lots of takeaway advice to take your pitch to the next level. Advice on how to gain trust through non-verbal communication and how to positively handle nerves. I share insights into strong body language, voice control and stage presence with lots of other juicy tips. With so much attention put on the words, startups and entrepreneurs often neglect certain fundamental elements that shouldn’t be put aside.


Before you even say the first word of your startup pitch, your audience has already begun to create an impression and opinion of you. Your body language has to say the right things. Your voice needs to command attention and keep people interested. These areas and many others were shared via Pitch Sauce, spreading some valuable advice everyone could take on board.

As a presenter who’s been in from of audiences many times, I gave direct hard-hitting advice to implement into the pitch performances ready for the following day, on stage during the main conference. Twenty-four companies eager to share their startup pitch were selected to present on stage at the Croatian National Theatre in Split. Naturally their aim was to wow the judges, impress the audience and win the Shift Challenge 2015.


2015 was the second year in a row I was kindly invited back as the main event host and startup pitch mentor of the Shift conference, the largest startup tech event in the region.

Have you got a startup pitch that needs polishing? Feel your pitch or presentation isn’t quite up to scratch? I can help with my Pitch Review. I’ll look at what you’ve created, giving you direct straightforward honest feedback. I’ll share advice to help you really stand out from the crowd. I’ll point out practical suggestions on all elements of your pitch to move both your content and presentation style to the next level.

If you run a tech event or conference and like me to share some Pitch Sauce with your startups and attendees, please get in touch. I’d be happy to help.