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04 October 2015

The Ultimate Pub Quiz: Team Building With A Funky Twist

Is your HR department constantly looking for something a little more funky for the office team building event? Need a refreshing change? Fear not – The Ultimate Pub Quiz Challenge comes to the rescue! A creatively engaging, interactive emotional night full of adrenaline and packed with feel-good factor. Perfect for your corporate team building event!

An exciting fast-paced international corporate event featured at conferences, team building socials and Christmas celebrations. So far, we’ve taken the challenge across Croatia, Slovenia and the region in 2015 with continued support from The 5* Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, with more than 90 pub quiz shows private & public since the first show in 2009.

It’s easy to play

This is far more than just a game. Far more than a karaoke night or disco! This is about becoming the hero you’ve always wanted to be! It’s a mix between a team game show and a trivia night with lots of surprises thrown in! Unlike other “pub quiz” nights, this is not designed to be “geeky”. It’s strictly about having fun! Easy to play and to get into the rythym, competing against staff colleagues and becoming the office champions!


Everyone gets involved

This is an event which brings people together. In your 5-man-team you try to gain points in a battle of trivia, memory and team/individual tasks. Energetic team spirit is high on the agenda and you’ll be surprised how much adrenaline and emotion your quiet office colleagues actually share! As this is a team building orientated event, team members are focused on the task, working as a team and quickly break-the-ice  Some tasks are team orientated. Some are individual.

Team building ultimate pub quiz night

Fully customised to suit your company

Another great thing about the Ultimate Pub Quiz is how it can be adapted and customized to suit your group of people. We mix the rounds up a little according to the age and background of the teams. The face-off round can feature faces of players in the audience. Specific questions can be thrown in related to your particular company. So, essentially – a unique set of teasers adapted as much or as little as you like to suit you!

50 to 150 people at the Ultimate Pub Quiz

A small intimate pub quiz event with 10 teams or a large glorious party up to 150 people – we can cater for whatever you need to make your team building event one to remember! In this case – size doesn’t matter!


You choose your location

Since we began in 2008, the Ultimate Pub Quiz Challenge has been held at most of the Zagreb 4* hotels, including a regular partnership with The 5* Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. Venues include restaurants, bars and bowling centres, shopping malls, holiday camps and museums. We’ve even celebrated at The Zagreb Tram Depot! You just tell us where you’d like the event and we’ll take care of the rest. We can even suggest a few ideas if needed.


We spice things up. More than just trivia.

This event combines a little bit of everything. We take you back with the 90s round, Movie clips for film fans and Name that tune. We’ll stretch your visual and memory skills to the limit with Face off and Memory Bucket. We test your logo knowledge in Logogo and TV Addicts for those who watch far too much TV. There’s also a couple of logic puzzles for the office IT smartypants! It’s all about team effort, being brave and making sure every point counts!

team building quiz night

Impress the office with your hidden talents

This is a game-show more than just about knowledge and pub quiz trivia. There are a number of “task” rounds which put your team members on the spot and challenge other teams. We have a bubble blowing contest. We see how well you can swing a Hula-hoop. Recently we introduced a brand new challenge called The Chili Challenge which spices things up nicely and often to wrap up with thrown in for the grand finale – the Dance Off round! So, as you can imagine, teamwork is crucial and there’s lots of opportunity to impress the boss!


It’s Game On!

From small companies to large multinational institutions, this custom-made pub quiz event is for everyone who loves a non-geeky challenge and is ready to let go and have fun. Among the added benefits, The Ultimate Pub Quiz Challenge:

Encourages competitive rivalry

Breaks the ice and gets people engaging with each other

Promotes team spirit and unity working together

Stimulates spontaneous fun and emotion

Gets the team out of the office

Provides a welcome alternative to regular office party options


So, it’s game on! Take up the Ultimate Pub Quiz challenge of the year to become the office heroes everyone is gossiping about! A refreshing alternative for your regular team building events or Christmas office party 2015! Live life on the edge and rise up to The Ultimate Pub Quiz Challenge

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Get in touch for an initial chat and a direct quote. Together we’ll make sure your team building event is one to remember!