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30 October 2015

Web Copywriting For The CabUp Taxi App

Step aside Uber! There’s one more taxi app making its way onto the market. An app that goes by the name of CabUp. Recently, I teamed up with this young startup, providing web copywriting helping them get their message out to the world.

One of the great things about working as a copywriter is the diversity. The diversity of projects and ideas. The mix of industries you delve into and the different types of people you meet along the way. One week you’re working on web copywriting for a hotel in the tourism industry, and the next helping an up-and-coming enthusiastic bunch of entrepreneurs share their message to the world.

cabup web copywriting app

Working on the CabUp website, ready for the app’s launch a few weeks ago, gave me a chance to look closer at the taxi app world. A topic area which has been recently highlighted in media with controversy surrounding the Uber story. You’d be surprised at how many taxi apps have made their way onto the market. Naturally, this increases the competition making it even easier to grab a cab for less in the majority of cities across Europe. To get an idea, take a look at this Essential Guide to London’s Taxi Apps.

web copywriting cabup app

So what’s CabUp all about? Essentially, the app helps passengers choose their own taxi ride based on what’s important to them. Passengers choose a specific route, compare and select a verified taxi company based on various criteria, order the ride and then pay via the app.

CabUp simply presents taxi companies for you to take your pick. It lets you see and compare all the taxi companies and their prices available for your specific journey. It compares them all in one place. Passengers can also view taxi company ratings. The app features general satisfaction of their customers, as well as specific comments.

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See samples of my web copywriting and other writing samples. Learn more about my writing and get a flavour of my various writing styles. If you have a web copywriting project coming up and want to create the right impression through the words you use – get in touch today.